In the current digital age, domain names are the new real estate. There's now a market for domain names with the shortest and most memorable names selling at a premium. 

Do you have a great domain name idea? Chances are someone else has registered it. Not because you're unoriginal. But because there are millions of businesses out there and they all want their best location online.

Most businesses miss out on their dream domain name. They have to settle with prefixes, extra words and/or other extensions. Once a domain name is sold - it's off the market forever.

Interested in one of the DNC Marketplace Domains? Please do some research into how much domains sell for in the links below. Then feel free to make an offer. Negotiation is possible but realise no one is buying a quality name for $100. 

With domain names continuing to grow in value each year. Now is the best time to acquire your domain name. Your domain name is an investment and important digital asset for your company. No one ever regrets buying a better domain name.

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Acquiring your name from DNC

Once payment has been secured:

- You will be given an Auth-Code which is basically a password for you to import (transfer-in) your new domain name to your preferred registrar (E.g. Godaddy, etc).

- If you are purchasing an Australian domain, prior to being given your Auth-Code we will initiate a CoR (Change of Registrant) process which officially makes you the owner of the name.

- Depending on the domain extension and receiving registrar, the transfer will take 1- 5 days to complete.

You will be assigned your own domain specialist who will facilitate the process and help every step of the way. Most transfers are seamless but should any complications occur, we will help until the name is secured into your account.

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